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Founded in 2021, we hit the track with a pretty focused vision; share our passion for Motorsports, while developing custom solutions to support the growth and development of the Motorsport community.  Dedicated to the details, we believe in fostering an innovative, comprehensive approach to developing Motorsport solutions. 

We have eclectic in our name, and that's by design.  We pride ourselves in tailoring experiences and solutions to all skill levels, ensuring that every driver, from novice to seasoned professional, receives the support and resources they need to thrive in their Motorsports journey.

Meet the Team

Founder / Team Principal / Driver

Mark Boyd

2023 Radical SR3 XX #12


Technician / Driver 

Team Manager 

Jennifer Boyd

Steve Sutherland

1995 Van Diemen RF95 #70





Chris Styles

2021 Radical SR3 XX #7

Tyson Balbosa

2013 Radical SR3 RS #15

Chase Pelletier

Screenshot 2024-04-16 105443.png



Support / Ops

Wade Hachey

James Maclean

2014 Radical SR3 RS #07

Rick Boyd

Our Partners
Our strategic partnerships are forged in a shared vision of collaboration, innovation, and  passion for Canadian Motorsports.
Copy of PGI_nitrocenter_blue

Purity Gas specializes in the engineering, design and installation of large-scale nitrogen gas generation systems used at manufacturing facilities across Canada and the USA. Nitrogen gas is the most widely used industrial gas in the world, used extensively in manufacturing, food packaging and metal fabrication processes such as laser cutting and heat treating. Purity Gas NITROCENTER®  systems reliably produce ultra-pure nitrogen on demand at the user's facility, for a fraction of the cost of purchasing nitrogen and having it delivered by truck.

Purity Gas is proud to be the official nitrogen gas supplier for the FEL Sports Car Challenge Canada (SCCC) and the Emzone Radical Cup Canada professional racing series.  Utilizing our NITROCENTER® cylinder filling system that we bring to each FEL race event, we keep the nitrogen gas flowing all weekend long for SCCC, RCC and FEL Technical Inspection teams. We are racers too, campaigning our Radical SR3 XX in the FEL Emzone Radical Cup Canada series where we finished 5th overall in the 2023 season championship.


New for 2024, we have partnered with the Auto Eclectic Motorsports race team to manage our campaign in the 2024 FEL Radical Cup Canada series. 


To learn more about our technology and our team, visit us at, or come find the big blue NITROCENTER® station in the paddock on FEL race weekends.


Chris Styles

Co-founder & Managing Director, Purity Gas Inc.

Driver of the #7 AEMS Radical SR3 XX in the FEL Emzone Radical Cup Canada series

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Looking for more information?  Interested in our custom management and logistics solutions? Have some feedback?  Feel free to reach out to us, we would love to hear from you!
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