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Our SR3 Experience provides an amazing opportunity to  immerse yourself in the thrills of piloting a precision Race car! With the support of our team of expert technicians and coaches, we'll provide you with the basic fundamental understanding of high performance driving, and plenty of seat time to put it all into practice.
Unleash your inner Racer
You’ve thought about it, we know…we’ve all envisioned the rush of getting behind the wheel of a bona fide Race Car.
Dream no more; with our SR3 Experience, it’s time to shift those aspirations into high gear reality!
Accommodating both solo and group experiences, our custom 1:1 experiences are designed provide you with the support and coaching needed to extract your true inner racer.
An Auto Eclectic experience
Prepare yourself for a day loaded with adrenaline and education!

You'll spend time learning about the racing line, how to safely lap a race track, race car dynamics, and driver vision.   After some familiarization with the SR3, we'll get you fitted into the necessary safety equipment, and buckled in tight for some initial sighting laps with an instructor.  Once you feel comfortable, we'll send you out on track to lay down your first laps, solo!

Following each on-track session, you'll have an opportunity to sit with your coach, and review you onboard video, and learn opportunities for improvement.

As we wind down your SR3 Experience, you'll have the opportunity to ride along for some 'hot' laps with a Pro Radical SR3 Driver, and get a first person view of what it feels like to approach the edge of performance! 
Radical SR3 RS 1340
Radical SR3 RS Specs:
Equipped with a 1340cc four-cylinder hand-built RPE racing engine, driven through a six-speed sequential gearbox with paddle shift and Quaife limited-slip differential.
  • Top Speed: 220 km/h
  • Power: 226 bhp
  • Weight:  1400 LB
  • Lateral force:  2.3 g
Are you ready?
Each SR3 Experience includes:
  • Race prepped Radical SR3 RS 1340
  • Consumables (Fuel, fluids, brake material)
  • Safety Equipment, incl. Helmet, HANS, Race Suit Gloves, etc
  • AEMS Support Technician
  • AEMS Performance Coach
  • Trackside hospitality, including Lunch
  • Open sessions / laps 
  • AEMS USB incl. in-car videos
  • Hot lap session w/ a Radical SR3 Pro Driver 
  • Track entry
Frequently asked questions 

Do I need a racing license to participate?

Nope! Our Radical SR3 Experience does not require a Racing license.


What experience level is required?

Our program is designed to provide a fun, safe experience for all levels of driver.  We will tailor our approach to commensurate with your comfort and experience level.


What tracks do you go to?

The SR3 Experience program is predominantly run at TMP Cayuga due to its ease of access, and beginner friendly layout.

How long is the Radical SR3 Race car Experience?

This varies, however typical programs run at TMP Cayuga will begin at 9:00am and wrap up at 5:00pm


How fast will I go?

The Radical SR3 is capable of straight-line speeds of 225 km/h with a cornering force of almost 2.5 g’s! Now there are plenty of stars that need to align to reach this peak performance, so let’s just head out there and have some fun!


Is this safe? I have work on Monday!

Absolutely!  Our Radical SR3 is equipped with 6-pt safety harness, fire suppression, and FIA-specification safety cell and crash structure. Combine that with our Up-to-date safety gear, expert coaching, and meticulous maintenance program and we are sure you’re safer with us than your daily commute to work!


Can I share the track time with friends?

Yes! Let us know at the time of booking, and we will make the necessary adjustments to your experience. Track time and coaching will be split equally amongst all participants.


What experience will my coach have?

All our Coaches are race licensed, experienced, active racing drivers with extensive experience in the Radical SR3 and coaching high-performance drivers.

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